3 Day Seminar with Vic Shepherd

TestimonialThis unique and Dynamic analysis approach gives a precise trading map with precise trade locations giving you the skills to masterfully pick market turning point locations in the markets in any time frame This method has Revitalized Institutional concepts providing Predictions with precision giving the foresight many strive to achieve all their trading life. You will learn how to continually look for trade locations that provides the best trade opportunities . This unique and Dynamic analysis approach takes supply and demand to the next level, using the concepts of the auction theory as its backbone but without the confusion


Join me in this online boot camp to learn material you have never seen before

Join and become a V-Zone member and learn material you have never seen before

A precise Road map ahead, That's what this method can bring to you and your trading, a precise trading map with precise trade locations giving you the skills to masterfully pick market turning point with stunning accuracy on any time frame.

What is a  V-zone

V-zones are basically a trade zone where the market is expected to reverse at, or trade towards.
V-zones are a Supply and Demand trading method never seen before, they take the concept of supply and demand to the next level.
The V-Zones method will have you finding levels of supply and demand in a totally new light giving you the knowledge to trade with foresight rather than hindsight.

More Charts Click hereThe Method Will :

・  Tell you where any market is going and where it will stop and reverse with high probability
・  Have you taking trades at the most opportune price
・  Tell you when to get in and more importantly when to get out and take profits.
・  Regardless of what sort of trader you are you will be taking trades at the best possible locations.

The V-zone Boot Camp:

・  This online boot camp will introduce you to a robust and powerful  trading concept.
・  It will introduce you to the very thing that all markets  are  governed by
・  This method uses the Auction theory as its backbone but without the confusion.
・  This method takes the analysis around the auction theory and brings it up to date, making it more dynamic, simpler and structured
・  You will be introduced to a new way of using Supply and Demand locations and proprietary ways of finding them

How much would it be worth to you to know where the next market turn will be?

This course will give you a contextual understanding of the markets giving you  a sustainable edge, having you trade with clarity and understanding. Your trading will become fun and enjoyable especially when you see the market do what was expected

In this comprehensive and intense course we revitalize out dated market Theories and use them in unique ways which goes way beyond what anyone else is doing.

While others struggle with the market's twists and turns, YOUR trades can be placed at market turning points, both tops and bottoms, with precision.

Works not just on the longer-term weekly and daily reversals, but the lower intra day time frames as well.

This method can give you remarkable foresight giving you the ability to come in to each trade with great expectations.

Your trading will become fun as your expectation's turn into reality because you will possess a bold new understanding of exactly when and where to take trades with maximum potential of return

It inherently works by having the trader identify trades that have a positive expectancy with high returns from each trade., which all trade plans MUST have.

Depending on your trade style you can hold the trades for days or weeks or you can close out at the end of each day knowing you took the most of each trade.

This will revolutionize your trading.

High Accuracy Trade Locations

Not all trading methods are created equal. I trade using a statistically robust analysis method applying new ways of looking at Auction Market Theory .
Many talk about supply and demand as if they are magical but if you have ever tried to define them, you have probably found they are very hit and miss..  which ones will hold and which ones will not?
Well by knowing how and why price does what it does a trader can use simple logic to define the perfect levels of supply and demand, with great accuracy.

Simple To Apply

The concepts of Supply and Demand can be broken down into simple structure, but like any thing in life  its only simple when you know what to do.
You will learn how to apply the concepts of Supply and demand into your trading in a structured and robust manner.

You will  learn how to read the market contextually, learning to take advantage of the movements of other traders and know who’s in control of the market; to gauge where the important moves will start ahead of time.
To have an edge in the markets, you have to have a clear strategy that is finely tuned to market realities. The beauty of my strategy is its  simplicity and ability to be in tune with the movement of the market. It keeps you on the side of the big money players, and gives you the potential to profit from virtually any market condition.

Price Dictates All

Predicting markets tops and bottom are just a concept of time frame being viewed. What may be a reversal bottom on a daily chart may actually just be a continuation of a trend up on a weekly or monthly chart, so trends and tops and bottom are just a concept of time frame  being viewed.
The markets do not care about a charts time frame the only thing that matters is the price and the auction.

The market's do not care if I use a daily or a  5 minute chart, what Is important is the auction and every auction is unique. so using a fixed time frame and indicator based on that time frame will not work, because that trader is simply trying to curve fit the market to that time frame.

This alone should tell you how good my approach is, the fact that its not curve fitted to any one time frame means it works based on the dynamic of the market


This Method is:

Reliable and accurate
Structured and tradeable in real time.
Simple to apply and trade once understood.
By its very nature designed to find bigger moves for larger profits.
Based on higher time frame traders objectives
Logical which builds confidence
works on all time frames such as monthly, weekly, daily and even on Intra-Day .
Predictive to markets conditions, The method allows for trending conditions and range bound conditions
Fully divulged, I cover every thing from locating zones, Entry, targets and stops.
Only known by a small few,, I have only taught a few small groups to date.
My method and my design.
Tradeable on most markets from ES. Russell, Dow, FTSE100, NQ, Euro,Gold, Oil, and stocks

Many new trader spend hundreds if not thousand of pounds/Dollars on seminars and courses from vendors proclaiming the next  holy grail indicators, only to be let down. Fact is Indicators actually detach a trader from the market and actually make reading the market much harder.

This Method is Not:

NOT A rehash of some one else’s work
NOT Scalping, this method will have you trading for larger profits intra day or even holding for days or weeks.
NOT based on high or low volume  nodes and does not use TPO Market Profiling
NOT based on Elliott Wave, Gann, pitchforks, Fibonacci or even astrology
NOT based on any overbought/oversold indicators, oscillators, momentum, moving averages,
NOT based on Bollinger bands,VWAP,  ADX, MACD, RSI, stochastic's
NOT online anywhere, can not be found from anyone else, I know this because I developed it.
NOT hard to implement.
NOT based on lagging indicators or any fuzzy logic,

NO....This is more logical and uses the very thing we all use in our day to day lives, its based on the simple laws that govern all markets.

Proprietary Intra-Day FO Levels

F.O stands for First Objective levels, meaning the objective being to make 3 to 4 times more than what is risked giving great risk to reward on every trade.
This unique analysis approach  takes supply and demand to the next level, again utilizing the concepts of the auction theory and just like everything else within this method they are design to remove confusion around which levels to use within the intraday time frame.
Traded on the intraday time frame they can be used to give a more accurate entry for longer term swing trades or can be used for day trading.

Would you like to define levels of Supply and Demand that have a probability of creating a high reward reversal
Would you like a method of defining these levels that is not ambiguous or hard and does not require multiple time frame analysis.
Would you like to know when to take reversal trades and when to stay away from reversals and focus on trend trades.

Then you need to join this seminar.

Intraday Context

Give's lower time frame supply and demand  context and structure with no confusion.
No subjectivity in the analysis,  it is what it is, everyone who knows this will see the same levels,
It's a simple process, on a single time frame of locating the levels but because this is based on markets dynamics it's not restricted to any one time frame, It can be used on most Intra-Day time frames.
Because it's based on price any time frame can be used giving the same results and levels on all time frames. Therefore it's not optimised to a set time frame because price and auctions are what’s important, not the chart type. This alone means the method is built on sound logic.
A trader using a 5 Min chart will generally see the same levels as a trader using a 10 Min chart or a 466 tick chart,,, periodicity does not matter only price matters..

These levels are:

Reliable, accurate, Structured and tradeable in real time and very Simple to apply
By their very nature designed to find bigger moves for larger profits intraday swing trades
Based on higher time frame traders objectives, therefore hides the noise associated with the lower time frames
Predictive to markets conditions,
Perfect as a standalone method or can compliment your current method
My method and my design. Fully divulged, I cover everything from locating zones, Entry, targets and stops,,
Only known by a small few..
Tradeable on most markets from ES. Russell, Dow, NQ, Euro, Gold, Oil, even stocks.

These levels are NOT:

NOT A rehash of some one else's work, cannot be found from anyone else, I know as I developed it.
NOT Complicated Not hard to implement Not Subjective, you will see the same zones as me
NOT Scalping.
NOT restricted to time frame or chart type, and a trader using a 3 Min chart will generally see the same levels as someone using a 2000 volume chart..
NOT based on high or low volume nodes or Pivot points, Fibs, Gann or Elliot wave
NOT based on Daily,weekly or even Monthly high and lows
NOT based on generic lagging indicators or any fuzzy logic,
NOT restricted to any one charting platform, a simple tool is used which is available on/for most charting platforms.
NOT automated, Your brain is better than any PC.


'The V-Zones trading course will cover all the V-zone material including proprietary material and methods never seen before

The course is delivered by 40 recorded videos and a 490 page workbook (pdf format). You also get 3 months free in the V-Zones Prep room which opens an hour before the US open.

We shall be covering the basics of my proprietary material with the Auction Theory and how we apply  that to the HTF.
These topics will help with structure therefore will aid in continuity of analysis which means your analysis will become structured and robust.

We shall be looking how to locate locations on any time frame and explaining what we expect from these location based on a simple concept of the auction.

From there the expectations help give us clues to the next market move so we can prepare ourselves for the next trend or the next reversal.

Applying the concepts to charts and watching the expectation as they unfold. The best thing about this method is that when a level fails it tells us a story and it's our Job as a trader to read that story. So from failure come reward and that alone is worth it's weight in gold. We shall be utilising video play back so we can look at a variety of examples of the concepts taught.

The fun begins as we will start to cover the F.O levels. This  again is my own proprietary method of defining levels in the intraday time frame but eliminates all the noise associated with the lower time frames.

・  Basics behind the theory of how the levels came about and why....
・  Basic logic of seeing the levels
・  The nuances...
・  defining the exact zone
・  Entry and exit and expectations
・  And so much more

These levels are great on their own, but when combined with the HTF V-Zone material they are amazing, not just at locating levels to do business, but also at giving expectation of where the market will go and when to hold a trade or fold a trade.

Webinar sessions

There are 40 videos  each around 1 or 1 1/2 hours long.
These videos are watermarked with your details for protection.

The videos cover every aspect of the V-Zone method :

Difference between short-term and long-term trade conditions
How do you determine stop placement?
How do you determine trade targets?
How do you enter a trade? ***
How do you exit a trade.
How to develop consistency and objectivity.
How to filter your trades
Grey zones, these are similar to the F.O levels but they are for trending conditions
2.5 zones and why they are so important and powerful
Capitulation conditions which are great for intra day  or 2 or 3 day swing trades
T.C Condition for the day trader this alone is worth the price of the course, this works more than 90% of the time.

There is no time limit for these weekend classes, we will continue until all the material is covered and understood.

Followed by 4 weeks of daily pre market Preperation prior to the US Open

***No order Flow material In this course.. we  have a order flow course but You must Purchase the  V-Zone course first.


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